Brittany Kelly - Manifesto

1. Artificial skin ought to be used in serious matters such as amputees and people that need them, they should not be used for the use of robots.

People have pushed technology to the next level, literally, pushing it to the extreme. The technology that was developed for artificial skin, I must say is genius, but the extremes to which it can be used are actually being overextended. What I mean by this is that society may think it is ok to use these artificial skins for robots, just to make them look and feel real. There really isn’t a point to it, but then again maybe I just don’t understand the technology behind it. I feel that people may take advantage of this and use it for cosmetic reasons, just to enhance themselves, trying to take the real meaning out of it. I do believe it is wonderful for people that need it, such as burn victims and amputees. They should not be subjected from life’s daily tasks. I think it’s an important issue to bring up because it deals with ethics and choosing between letting this technology control our lives and literally change who we are or having people benefit from it, people that actually deserve to have a part in it. I don’t really understand how or why a robot would need to feel pain or feel being cold… are they one day going to feel emotions such as love and happiness. Just starting out with physically feeling something, I feel as if the minds behind these inventions are trying to push the envelope in trying to see whether these robots can feel emotion, a feeling that we can’t even put into words.]

2. We should not have to be tested against technology in order to see if technology is smarter than us.

The Turing Test, I personally think is degrading to the intelligence of us humans, why in the world would we want to ever be compared to something that is made of computer chips. Yes, I understand the people that are participating in this exam do not know they are being tested against a machine, but just the thought is mind blowing. In doing this, we are trying to push technology to the next level, it’s as if we are playing with the devils advocate, we know where this can go but yet we still push it even further. As stated in The Most Human Human, the Turing test is “a way to measure the progress of technology, but it just as easily presents us a way to measure our own” (13). I think society would put it to the test, it already has. We have adapted ourselves to accepting this. They say that the bottom of the Turing Test is to connect meaningfully with each other. The questions that are essential to our lives are being asked not by us humans to other humans, we are turning to machines, technology to answer these questions. It is stated that the Turing test “can teach us about ourselves,” as if we can’t find out these answers within our lives, we need to use technology (15). This, I believe, is a problem… we are looking to technology for the answers to life, but in the end, aren’t we just getting answers from ourselves? After all, we are the minds behind these inventions, has it come to the fact of us not trusting our own selves?

Brian Christian The Most Human Human

3. We ought to stop trying to change who we are and except ourselves for who we are, leaving technology out of our physical selves.

The video that was shown by group 5 honestly intrigued me, the one in regard to the chip that was placed in the man and woman. When the woman made a sudden move, the chip sensed this and I guess it was electric waves (still unsure how it works) were sent to her husband who later felt it. I understand using this in military operations, where you can have one person work through another in trying to do a task, something that I must say is pretty intelligent and a little sci-fi for me, but it works. With the positives, there are always negatives, think about it, we can just place chips in anyone and they can control how that person reacts… sounds kind of sketch to me if you say so. I think people would honestly use this as more of a toy than anything else, then again it’d be one expensive toy! We are just trying to honestly play with nature and trying to figure out how we work as individuals, but are these questions really essential to technology? I would think they are more or less essential to biology, a field that can benefit from these studies.

Group 5 presentation and video

4. We ought to act like humans and not depend so much on technology to take care of daily tasks.

Siri, robots, zumba, what else will make our lives easier? All this technology, don’t get me wrong… is great, but have we let the technology control us? As stated in Alone Together, “technology reshapes the landscape of our emotional lives, but is it offering us the lives we want to lead?” (17). It makes me wonder if we are just getting lazy or if we really are enthralled about this type of robot that can take care of our kids while we are at work. Just re-reading that sentence it makes me think, think of all of the things I would be missing out on in my kids lives. What makes me laugh is, “is it offering us the lives we want to lead,” so pretty much it’s asking us if we want to be like these robots, things made of metal and computer systems, heck no I don’t want to be like that, even though there is a genius behind the mind of this walking and talking metal contraption. The concern is that we maybe too focused on trying to improve technology that we are blinded in trying to improve ourselves. Why would someone want to work the other way around? Instead of focusing all this energy on us, we are putting our knowledge into something else, yet this is our knowledge. Siri can be our personal assistant, but the things we ask her to do we could have simply looked up ourselves, a form of laziness some people may say, yet others may claim a form of taking advantage of technology that is handed to us. Once this technology disappears, the real question would be whether we will be able to cope or not.

Sherry Turkle Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology and Less From Each Other

5. We ought not talk about the “soul” while talking about technology.

Discussing the soul with technology I feel should not even be put in the same sentence. The question of when a person becomes a person should not even be questioned. Trying to figure out the depths of our soul is a way of trying to make sense of human beings. The question that goes hand in hand with whether electronics can have souls is also being brought up with the question of what it means to be human. It was mentioned within our book that animals don’t have souls, so pretty much living and breathing things are said to not have souls. My dog Riley, the little guy that comes up to me and licks my face when I’m crying… he doesn’t have a soul? But yet we want to make robots so human-like that they will one day have a soul-like application within it. I honestly think it’s probably one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. Trying to figure out where the soul is will probably be a question that can never be answered and how the connections within our body help us feel one way and not another is still under study. If these things can not be figured out within ourselves how are we supposed to make robots that can actually emulate humans to the finest detail?

Brian Christian The Most Human Human

6. People ought to realize what goes on the Internet (Facebook for example) will always stay there.

We have spoken about this topic in class multiple times, but I believe society really doesn’t realize what goes on the Internet is always there, even if it is erased. The databases store these things, that picture that was erased last year is somewhere in the computer bases in Arkansas. It’s scary to think that whatever is put online will always be there. This can actually ruin someone’s reputation, even if it is from the past. Anything online is also out there for society to see. That relationship status that went from “in a relationship” to “single” gets a lot of debate and attention because it is displayed to the world to see. Everyone is your best friend then, trying to be there for you through this rough time, but in the end, the main purpose is to try to figure out why the break-up occurred. It’s sad that privacy is no longer a word that can be said in the same sentence as technology. Technology has exposed us to the unknown, with us knowing very well that we don’t have to give this information up. That’s the part that can be mind-blowing. If people claim they want privacy, why would they put everything out there in the open?

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