Carey Bald - Manifesto

1. Technologies should be progressive.

What would technology be if it was not solving problems and creating solutions? One of the greatest examples I have found of this is the Dyson brand of vacuums (and now fans, apparently). The marketing campaign of Dyson has always been that they “find problems that others overlook and correct them”. This slogan, campaign, and way of forward technological thinking is revolutionary. If more engineering firms and technology companies had this attitude towards their products, the world would see a revolution of new technology that is time saving and efficient.

Source: “Dyson, the History”

2. Users should be cautious when posting personal information on social networking sites.

In a world where sharing every thought is a norm, responsibility and awareness should be at an all time high – but it isn’t. As social networking sites become ever more popular, users should take extreme caution not to “over share” about their personal lives with anyone they do not know. The same as we should not take candy from strangers, we should not share our intimate details, address, or personal contact information with those we have never met in person, or know through friends at least.

We have made progress in protecting ourselves from potential threats. Most sites offer different levels of security and privacy of profiles allowing the user to control just how much information is released to the general public. Features like this should be continually advanced and users should be required to update their settings regularly to ensure that they are familiar with the ever changing environment of the internet.

Source: “MySpace Trackers Exposed”

3. We as humans should strive to eliminate paper and other waste by taking advantage of green technology.

This is an initiative that a lot of people have gotten behind, but we as a general society should back more entirely. Recycling paper helps eliminate greenhouse gasses into the air and reduces landfill space by a significant amount. As we all look towards the future, questions must be raised about the condition in which we leave the planet. This is where technology has the potential to change the landscape of the world by producing new ways to dispose of our garbage and other technologies that turn our garbage into new products. Even by using handheld tablets rather than printing reports and doctors offices going paperless can make a tremendous difference. By doing this we will be making an impact on our current way of life as well as the lives of generations to come.

Source: “Recycling Benefits, the many reasons why”

4. Parents should not allow their young children to be consumed with technology.

No matter how “educational” the new toys may be, children of all ages should be restricted to the amount of time they spend on technology. There is so much in the world that children cannot possibly experience on a computer or an iPad and it is up to parents to push their children in the right direction.

Another factor to consider is the amount of violence and illegal behaviors glamorized in today’s video games and movies. If children are raised in front of these scenarios they will be more likely to adapt the behaviors to their own moral code and replicate the actions as teens and adults.

5. We should not rely on social networking sites as our sole form of communication.

A heavy part of this class revolved around the discussion of social networking sites. As it stands, these handful of overwhelmingly popular sites have swept the world and have attracted billions of daily users. It is easy to see the both positive and negative effects that these sites are having on people of all ages. One question that was posed in the third group of student presentations was “Do you think technology (e.g. social networking sites, online gaming, etc.) is a coping mechanism or do you think it causes us to need coping mechanisms?”

I think that this question was brushed under the rug a bit. There really are many different theories on this and similar topics. It is my opinion that social networking sites should not become a mask for individuals to hide behind. While this may seem to fulfill the social interaction aspect of our naturally human lives, there is only so much gratification one can have from a virtual relationship. With the growing popularity of online dating sites, it is important that we still engage in regular social activity outside of the internet.

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6. We should not expect technology to be flawless.

While technology has grown to be a huge part of our business and personal lives, we should not expect it to be 100% flawless. “We are only human” applies to our technology all the same. At the end of the day, humans created our technology and if once every 2 months a glitch appears that needs to be corrected, uses should not be up and arms about the brief delay in use they will be forced to experience.

Holding a double standard for technology to be perfect seems unfair especially as technology continues to mold and push boundaries. We cannot expect something new and groundbreaking to be perfect the first time. That being said, we have become impatient with machines when they are not acting properly and are quick to blame them for all of our problems before evaluating and troubleshooting the situation.

In an interesting interview on ABC News, Cory Doctorow explains his thoughts and opinions against Apple’s iPad and their monopolizing the ‘store’ aspect of the device. This interview displays just one persons frustrations with the imperfections with a device that is still brand new.

Source: ABC News Interview with Cory Doctorow