Team 1 Keywords


Brain vs. Mind
Carr says Descartes believed that the brain and the mind existed in two separate worlds and that the first is a mechanical instrument while the second exists outside the laws of matter. Brain and mind can influence each other, but they are still completely divided. Do you think we have both a scientific and a theological side to our brains, and how does that affect the way we approach the world around us?

To understand the concept of being “re-wired,” we have to understand what it means to be hardwired. Give your own working definition of what it means for our brains to be hardwired.

Networked Thinking Process (middle of page 8)
Carr suggests a “networked thinking process” that is different from our old linear thought process, which may explain why we feel disconnected from print media. What are the benefits or disadvantages of learning through short bursts of information versus reading 250 page novels?