Jay Speidell - Manifesto

1. We should not expect the technology of tomorrow to solve today's problem.

This type of harmful thinking is the reason for many of our problems today. Much like the way that we tend to spend money on a credit card with the expectation of a future job paying it off, we are expanding our production beyond what can be supported by our resources and environment can support with the expectation that future technology will remedy the situation.

2. We should learn to work with technology, not have technology work for us.

As a species, we have adapted to technology to an extent that most humans would not be able to live without it. But what we forget is that technology is a tool, not a crutch. Right now all of our food is grown by 2% of the people with the help of technology. We've been fortunate to have never suffered a foreign invasion, but think about decades or centuries down the line. A completely serviced based economy where a tiny minority produce food and the majority of goods are imported isn't sustainable in the long run. If we ever become politically or economically destabilized we are screwed.

3. We should invest more in beneficial technology than defense technology.

We have enough firepower to knock the moon out of it's orbit, yet we still continue to spend more on defense technology than anything else. Doctors in Mexico are already using stem cell treatments successfully. MEXICO! And we have an absurdly high rate of obesity and preventable illness. This should be obvious, but apparently it's not.

4. We should invest in promising technologies, not bullshit.

Hydrogen fuel cells are promising. Nuclear power is proven.

Wind power is inefficient and unreliable, and has to be backed up by gasoline generators. They cost more than they generate. Solar power is extremely inefficient, and increasing the efficiency requires resources that are extremely scarce and better used in other applications. Coal is not a renewable resource, no matter what congress and their lobbyist buddies say.

5. We should not using technology to gain superiority over developing nations.

Monsanto, among other companies, are forcing third world farmers to use seeds that can't reproduce. They are enforcing these "patent enforcement techniques" with Blackwater/Xe mercenaries. That is not sustainable is one of the most fucked up things going on in the world today. Using technology to bring the concept of the "banana republic" to a whole new level of cruelty and oppression is just wrong.