People Should Actively Stay Aware Of How Technology Affects

People should actively stay aware of how technology affects them, mentally and externally.

We often pretend that online sites do not track us or use our personal information, and when they do, we feel outraged and betrayed. However, there is no legal basis for our frustrations. since no privacy laws for Internet use exist. Since there is not much protection for Internet users, we need to remember to indulge in the Internet with caution.

Software companies prioritize advertising, and because of that, we need to be aware of the information that is tracked while we are online. Furthermore, according to Nicholas Carr, the Internet use may result in the "rewiring of our brains." The structure of the Internet, especially sites such as Google, makes distractions a common occurrence because new links to new and possibly interesting material are on almost every page. These distractions teach our brains to jump from one thing to another, to multitask, and to make split-second decisions—all of which Carr fears lessen our ability to think reflectively.

If we remain aware that the Internet is not a place for personal privacy, and we are cautious of that fact, we can alleviate our paranoia of privacy violations. In the same way, we need to remember that our brains are malleable and therefore vulnerable to behavioral restructuring. The Internet is an activity that has the potential to alter our neural pathways, but as participants in an increasingly intimate relationship with technology, we ought to know what we are getting ourselves into so that we can enter with clear and assertive minds.