Team 1 Keywords

Cybernetics - According to wikipedia, it is the interdisciplinary study of the structure of regulatory systems. Cybernetics is a key point in this chapter because it became the basis for the organization of all kinds of systems, from housing to military weaponry. Cybernetics is a field of study which illustrates how humans can be increasingly controlled for the benefit of the system.

Control - how humans control machines, how machines control humans. To exercise restraint or direction over; dominate; command. According to the act or power of controlling; regulation; domination or command: Who's in control here?

Mass production - This was an important theme in our reading because the transition from handcrafted to mass-produced products had a huge impact on our society. This transition eliminated the need for many professions and simplified products to designs that could be made on an assembly line. Mass production extends from textiles to appliances and even to buildings. This method of production takes less time and decreases costs while increasing quantity.