Team 1 Synthesis

Augusta Dean:

The class discussion on Tuesday followed chapters 1-4 of Kelly's “What Technology Wants” pretty closely, but veered away from the text's content a little bit as well. The discussion was set up in a way that used technology minimally, and doing so was done on purpose. One of the discussion participants even mentioned that it was refreshing to take a break from technology and have a real-life, face-to-face discussion in class. Because we have grown so accustomed to the convenience and instantaneous nature of technology, it is no wonder why we expect for all sorts of knowledge to be right at our fingertips. But when we have to have a real discussion about what technology is, how far back it dates, and what we would do without it, we are almost dumb founded.

We struggle to understand why people consider a garden hoe technology when, in our lifetime, huge advances have been made from the electronic-technological standpoint. These two things, a garden hoe, and electronics (lets say, laptop computers) don't even compare. They shouldn't even really be put in the same category, right? If we really think about it though, where did both of these things come from? Human invention. Typically, we think of the Amish to avoid all types of technology. They don't use phones or cars. In actuality though, the garden hoes they use in their gardens are a form of technology. The difference is that computers, smart phones, and LED televisions are modern day technology.

Obviously, the definition alone of what technology really is can be quite controversial and raises much confusion. We barely scraped the surface on everything that counts as technology. Can it ever be defined?

Matt Gilbert:

The class discussion went well for the most part, considering our limitations. I prepared very few notes, because I wanted the discussion to be free-based and let the class dictate where the discussion would go. There were a few moments where I had hoped the conversation would turn into a bit more of a debate. However, there were a few too many moments of silence where Augusta or I had to either change the subject or add on to it. Technology continues to amaze us in many ways possible. For me, I have thought about technology in a different light after taking this class. We continue to change every day, as does technology. But is it technology that is having the bigger impact on us, or us having the bigger impact on technology.

Only time will tell how much technology and we will change.