Team 5 Keywords

Technium: A collection of technology as a whole, designed as a being. The technium is personified, and together with society drives to advance with little avail. "The diversity of the technium has already surpassed our skills of recognition," (244) allowing the technium to progress beyond the measure of human capacity, guided by technical necessity.

Free will: The crux of Kelly's argument for the technium. It asserts free will throughout its "particle responses" (308), and that is what gives it its potential to evolve. The concept also elevates it to our human status, because, like us, free will gives it potential not only to advance, but, as Kelly claims, to make mistakes. Like our minds, which he equates with "a choice factory," the technium at its molecular level makes choices, such as when a wave/particle passes through a slit without triggering a mutation in whatever structure humans have designated for the experiment.

Technophilia:An attraction for technology. People have an "innate affinity" for tools because like us, they are made and in addition, we made them. They are like our children (320).

Intelligenation: Areas where we apply our own personal intelligence, everywhere we work and play, such as artificial and collective intelligence. We have "intelligenized" bookkeeping, photography, financial trading, metal machining, and airplane piloting. Every area gets a development based on a personalized form of intelligence and user knowledge (295).