The Primary Education System Ought To Update How Technology

The primary education system ought to update how technology is taught in accordance with which technologies are used in the professional world.

Technology is constantly changing and updating. The technologies that were top of the line five years ago are now completely outdated. As technology updates so should our system of education. The whole point of education is to prepare students for the real world and teach them all the skills they’ll need to lead a successful life. Technologies become outdated and newer technologies take their place in society.

In order to prepare children for the real world, they should be taught how to use the most commonly used technologies in the real world. More than that, children now have a working knowledge of digital technologies going into school. At home they have been exposed to technology through computers, TV, downloads and social websites. They are comfortable with new technologies and are not afraid to tackle the process of working with new technology, in fact, they find it fun. Trying to teach them basic computer skills would be ineffective because most already have basic or even moderate computer skills. In fact, recently a Finland middle school was given a grant to update from blackboards to Smart Boards (Ensinger). Teachers reported that after the switch students seemed more engaged in the classroom and many showed a renewed interest in their studies (Ensinger). This principle should be adopted because it would keep our system of education current and allow the curriculum to specifically cater to the students’ needs as they relate to technology.

We recognized that public schools across the country face budget problems that keep them from incorporating all of the latest technology into elementary, middle, and high school programs; but we feel that technology is imperative to learning, and should be a priority in the budget. By simply investing in better computers that can access the newest, latest information, schools could benefit significantly because textbooks in school are frequently out of date. In order to ensure that children will be properly prepared for the future, it is vital that the education system technologies keep up with the professional world.