We Should Control Technology It Should Not Control Us

We should accept that an increase in reliance on technology will result in less privacy and understand that we are responsible for protecting our own internet identities.

While Kevin Kelly believes technology has basically taken on a life of its own and no longer requires human development in order to progress, we are inclined to disagree. Our belief is that it is imperative for our future that we try and understand the implications of new technology before implanting them on a wide scale. There may always be unintended or unforeseen consequences of technology but consumers need to hold the researchers and developers accountable for their actions. It is important to realize that technology may be initially designed with a specific purpose but then quickly outgrows that purpose and contributes to progress on a much wider scale. It is best to avoid falling prey to the notion that any advance in technology is a good (as Kelly suggests) simply because it offers us more choices.

The idea of technology making us collectively “better” is a good idea, but not necessarily an accurate vision of reality. If technology makes someone a better Nazi, we must strive to understand both the good and bad of said technology. It comes down to the idea that we must do our very best to control technology and not merely be lead around by it. While understanding the full implications of each new technology maybe difficult, it is important to strive to anticipate just how it may shape the future. By starting a conversation and understanding both the upside and drawbacks, we can better make informed decisions regarding technology. That is not to say that everyone will agree on the path that technology should take. However, rather than limiting any research or development which would probably prove impossible anyway, we should try as best we can to understand the implications of new technology; thus preventing technology from controlling society as a whole.