We Should Stay Rooted In Reality

As a society we should all value our reality and not let technology overwhelm our every day life. Real life is more than just an experience. Stayed rooted in reality is really important today when technology’s place in our life is steadily increasing. With video games and virtual worlds online, it is easy to become distanced from reality. We should make maintaining a close relationship with the real world a priority.

By staying rooted in what actually happens on daily basis, people will be more connected not only to their actual life but also to the people in it, which is such an important aspect of life.

In the article, “I don’t want to be a superhero,” Chaplin talks about video games that teach people to do chores. What kind of world would it be if people started neglecting real life responsibilities and started doing them online or in video games? While there are incentives offered for virtual life, real life is where all the monumental and wonderful things happen to a person. Being married or having a baby in a virtual world would not be nearly the same as experiencing those actual connections in real life.

While virtual worlds can be fun for awhile, they offer no real benefits to people in the real world. By staying rooted in reality, we can enhance the experiences and connections in our actual lives.